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 Every June, the Rotary Inte4rnational in Great Britain and Ireland together with KidsOut take over 25,000 disadvantaged children on a fun day out. The children visit the seaside, theme parks, adventure playgrounds and zoos, giving them all wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Rotarian David Cannings took the reins of the 2017 Local Kids Out Rotary event to Marwell Zoo on a glorious sunny day, near Winchester. Accompanying him on the luxury Solent Coach were  Mike and Tess Ackling, John Hancock, John Spencer and Susan Davies.  Highcliffe Primary School and Highcliffe St Mark Primary School pupils, 22 in all, plus their teachers and carers left the schools on Wednesday 14th June around 8;45am and returned at 2;45pm in time for the children to be collected from school by parents.

In previous years Paultons Park has been the meeting place of Rotary District 1110 clubs participating in Kids Out, but this year we all went to Marwell Zoo, a new educational and exciting experience for most of the children. Among the many animals, which were a delight to search for and spot, in some cases, as they camouflaged themselves in settings similar to their natural habitat, the 2 Rotary John's' were spotted enjoying themselves whilst viewing the enclosures from the mini railway train.

Hundreds of children and their adult companions enjoyed their packed lunch in the shady Gardens of the Beautiful Marwell Hall In full view of the 4 magnificent White Rhino Cows Kiri, Sula, Pembe and Jabari which are part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme. Sula the only mother, has given birth to two beautiful rhino calves – her first calf, a boy, Bhasela, was born in 1999, her second calf, also a boy, Shaka, in 2003. Bhasela is now living in a zoo in Sweden, and Shaka is at Flamingo Land in Yorkshire. Marwell's 4 Rhino share their Wild Explorers enclosure with Scimitar horned-oryx, ostrich and Grevy's Zebra.

Another successful event for Youth in our Community made possible by the fund raising efforts of The Highcliffe Rotary Club.....